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4 Doors Cabin Toilets

Our cabin toilet is built with durability in mind, featuring a sturdy steel base, high-quality aluminum chequered plate flooring, and a stainless steel water and waste holding tank to ensure its longevity. The cabin toilet is also sound and heat insulated with rock wool wall panels, providing additional comfort and protection against extreme temperatures.

Despite its rugged construction, our cabin toilet boasts a range of modern facilities, including a flush system, basin, lighting, and exhaust fan. Each cubicle room is equipped with additional toilet accessories, such as a ceramic toilet seat, bidet spray, mirror, clothes hanger, and basic hygiene items like hand soap and jumbo roll tissue dispenser, to ensure convenience and comfortable use of the bathroom.


  • Dimension (L X D X H) : 10′ x 8′ x 9’6″
  • Insulated Fire Retardant Wall Panels
  • Fresh Water Capacity : 1500L (STAINLESS STEEL)
  • Waste Tank Capacity : 2600L (STAINLESS STEEL)
  • Aluminium Chequered Flooring
  • 4 nos Ceramic Hand Wash Basin
  • 4 nos Toilet Seat Come With Cover
  • Flush System, Bidet Spray, Mirror
  • Clothes Hanger, Safety Handrail
  • 4 nos Fluorescent LED Light, 4 nos Ventilation Fan
  • Complete Hygiene Accessories: M-Fold, Jumbo Roll, Hand Sanitizing And Hand Soap Dispenser
  • Lifting Lugs : Offshore Specifications
  • Optional: Hygiene Service and Supply
  • Optional: Off-Grid Solar Power System