Specially formulated for use in hospitals, HG SANLENE passes the modified Kelsey-Sykes Capacity Test Option for Hospital Grade Disinfectant under dirty conditions. New generation quaternary-based detergent system provides strong disinfecting properties, making HG SANLENE an excellent general-purpose cleaner for areas where disinfection is of utmost importance.

Areas of Use

HG SANLENE is ideal for regular cleaning of floors, walls, toilet, shower and kitchen surfaces not just in hospitals but also in other public areas such as schools and offices.

Special Features

  • Passes Modified Kelsey-Sykes Capacity Test Option bacterial analysis test at 1:20 dilution using Eschericha Coli NCTC 8196, Staphylococcus Aureus NCTC 4163, Proteus Vugaris NCTC 4635 and Pseudomonos Aeruginosa NCTC 6749 at inoculum size not less than 2 X 108 cells/ml.
  • Effective in hard water conditions; test conducted using 342 ppm hardness water
  • Active ingredients composed of highly effective combination of quaternary surfactants
  • Pleasant odour makes product easy to use
  • Available in 500ml, 1L, 5L, & 20L & 20L