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Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services

The whole world is in the midst of fighting public enemy no 1 and that enemy is no other than the insidious Covid-19. Malaysia is no exception.

Although the curve is starting to flatten here in Malaysia, we will all still need to adapt to this “new normal” of social distancing, wearing our masks and washing our hands regularly.

In order to ensure that we continue to win against this malice  – the Malaysian Government has started to tighten the rules on our daily routines to help break this vicious chain.

Even at the workspace, every business sectors need to follow & adhere to the SOP issued by the Government to ensure safety for everyone involved.

At the advent of the pandemic, NURA has included in our cleaning portfolio, the disinfecting and sanitizing services to assist local businesses & community.

We offer disinfecting and sanitizing for your offices or houses. With our working partner, we use High Level Disinfectant Sanifect that has been approved by the National Environment Agency of Singapore’s Ministry of Environment & just recently been certified by TUV SUD to kill germs at 99.99994%.

For those that are looking for a greener cleaning option, no worries as we can provide chemical-free disinfecting with the help of the effective ST 15 UV Steam Machine with blue technology, accredited by several European institutions such as the NSF International and Dr Brill + partner GmbH.

To date,  we have experiences in disinfecting  & sanitizing malls, factories, offices, houses and even vehicles. Hence, if you are ever in need of such a service or you may come across someone who might need this service, do contact us.

We need your support in order to recover from this economic  crisis.  Support local businesses.  Kita jaga kita okay ?