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20 x 10ft Cabin Offices

Nura 20 x 10ft Cabin Offices provide flexibility for various configurations, allowing you to set up individual workstations, meeting rooms, or collaborative spaces, tailored to your specific needs.

Crafted with high-quality materials and attention to detail, these cabin offices guarantee durability, security, and long-lasting performance. Their robust construction ensures a stable and reliable workspace, capable of withstanding diverse weather conditions.

Whether you need a temporary office on a construction site, a remote workspace for project teams, or additional office space for your growing business, Nura 20 x 10ft Cabin Offices are the perfect solution. Their portability allows for easy transportation and installation, offering the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs.


  • Dimensions : 20’L x 10’W x 8.6’H
  • 2 nos ( 2x18W ) bare LED fluorescent light with switch
  • 8 nos ( 2x13A ) power point socket
  • 1 no (1x15A) air conditioner point socket
  • 1 no “KELUAR” Sign and 1 no Emergency light
  • 1 no 8” exhaust fan with power socket
  • 1 no 18 way PVC DB box with 40A single phase ELCB, MCB and isolator
  • 1 no 2.0HP air conditioner
  • Optional : Office furniture and equipment

Standard Single Line Drawing for 20ft Cabin