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40 x 20ft Cabin Offices

Rentals, Portable Site Office Cabin

Our site office cabins are well-suited for your site facility set-ups. If you are looking to purchase or rent – we can provide you with a quote to meet your specific needs and budgets.


40 x 20 ft , 40 x 10 feet and 20 x 10 feet Cabin Offices

Are you in need of a temporary workspace that is both portable and comfortable? The site or portable office cabin are the best choices for you. Get your office cabin from Malaysia’s facility management contractor. We supply and provide rental of 40 x 20 feet, 40 x 10 feet and 20 x 10 feet office cabins that are the ideal solution for your temporary purchase anavar workspace needs. Cabin offices are an outstanding option for companies that require flexibility and convenience.

Our office cabins are inter-connected by joining up two container cabins to fit the office furniture and equipment. Besides, the unique design of our office cabins allows you to reposition the lighting to meet your requirements. Order your office cabin with the best facility management company in Malaysia.


  • Dimensions : 40’L x 20’W x 8.6′ H (Inter-connected by joining 2 cabins)
  • 10 nos ( 2x18W ) double tube LED fluores-cent light with switches
  • 12 nos (2x13A) power point socket
  • 4 nos (1x15A) air conditioners point socket
  • 2 nos “KELUAR” sign and 4 nos emergency light
  • 12 no 18 way pvc DB bo with 63A single phase ECLB, MCB and isolator
  • 4 nos 2.0HP air conditioners
  • Optional : Office furniture and equipment