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Holding / Septic tanks Oils Transfer

We provide desludging tankers and pumps with a capacity from 2000 litres to 10000 litres. These can be used to remove excessive build – ups, overflow and blockages of sewage and waste water. We can also clear individual septic tanks, industrial STPs and oxidation ponds.

Rental of Vacuum Truck

Type : Steel Tanker / Stainless Steel Tanker

Capacity available 4m3|5m3|8m3|10m3

Rental Duration : Daily, Weekly ,Monthly

Included Truck operator and service helper

Not included disposal fee and diesel

Septic or Waste Holding Tank Desludging Service Charge :

  • Service Charge by Capacity or Trip
  • Capacity available : 2m3|4m3|5m3|8m3|10m3
  • Desludging and disposal to Sewage Treatment plant