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Portable Toilet VIP

VIP Portable Festival Toilets

We have special VIP toilets for music, trade festivals & other similar events. Instant toilets that are equipped to provide a clean facility for your event.

If you are interested to rent a VIP portable toilet, please contact us today at 0169443444.


Portable Toilet VIP, Offshore Deluxe Cabin Toilets & Cabin Toilets

Call us, we are a portable toilet supplier in Malaysia where we can offer you a festival portable toilet type with desludging services.

We also have the Offshore Deluxe Cabin toilets and Cabin toilets that are durable & spacious.

Our Offshore Deluxe Cabin Toilet is a ready-to-use bathroom facility equipped with a shower area that can suit any outdoor occasion. These Offshore Deluxe Cabin toilets are custom-made with oil & gas industry specs.

We also provide heavy-duty cabin toilets at 20 feet and cabin toilets at 10 feet. Please call us for more information at 0169443444.

We also have standing urinal walls that can be set up on your site facility. You can save space by having one or two at your job site.

We also have a unique high-rise urinal for use at the construction site – we designed this specifically for high-rise construction where the need to save time & costs. Call us for more information at 0169443444.


  • Ultra smooth walls can be washed easily with built-in, irremovable vents to protect the cabin from inserts and rain.
  • Highly stable door thanks to the heavy-duty spring coil. A wind resistant device has been fitted to the door to ensure per­fect closure when unlock.
  • Urinal with drain cover and lodging for the urinal block which disinfects and perfumes the environment as well as preventing ob­struction of the pipe
  • Toilet paper holder holds 3 rolls with practi­cal utility shelf
  • Functional waste collection tank with ergo­nomic seat and anti-contact bends
  • Single block floor highly resistant to im­pact, with non-slip surface and raised rims preventing accumulation of dirt and facili­tating the washing and disinfecting opera­tions


  • Dimension : 1086 mm (L) x 1200 mm (W)
  • Height : 2193 cm
  • Weight : 86kg
  • Holding Tank : 265 Litres Included :
    Foot pump flush system Hand wash sink : 90 Litres