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Power Lemon (M)

A multipurpose cleaner designed for the widest variety of applications, POWER LEMON (M) is strong enough for floors, kitchen walls, toilets, cars and other common areas; yet gentle enough for skin and hands. POWER LEMON (M) is also extremely economical; just a little will produce abundant suds to efficiently suspend grease, oil, and soil for streak-free cleaning.

Areas of Use

POWER LEMON (M) is an ideal general cleaner for practically all hard surfaces such as windows, tiled walls and floors, bathroom surfaces, plastics, paintwork, metals, textiles, cutlery, and dishes. It can also be used as liquid hand soap.

Special Features

  • Advanced synthetic liquid detergent formulation
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Non-toxic preservative and phosphate free
  • Highly versatile cleaner effective for most applications, yet its neutral pH makes it safe for use on skin and hands
  • Mixes easily with soft or hard water and rinses away easily
  • Available in 20L only