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SPOTLIGHT is a premium wax polish with metal cross-link polymers that provides a brilliant clear non-yellowing finish upon application and provides an even higher gloss after ultra-high-speed buffing. It is extremely hard and durable, ideal for use on floor areas with heavy traffic. SPOTLIGHT is the perfect high performance, low maintenance finish for most floorings.

Special Features

  • Provides clear and high gloss upon application
  • Excellent durability against heel and scuff marks, thus reducing maintenance cost.
  • Higher gloss can be obtained by buffing with ultra-high-speed machines (1000-2000 rpm)
  • Floors that are worn out can easily be repaired by spray buffing with SUN-UP PLUS without having to strip the floors.
  • Available in 5L & 20L

Areas of Use

Use SPOTLIGHT with total confidence on vinyl, sealed wood, linoleum, and ceramic tiled floors. It is also suitable for stone flooring such as marble, granite, and terrazzo.