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Disinfection Services

The Best Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Services in Malaysia

During the COVID-19 pandemic & as an essential service provider – we provided disinfection and sanitizing cleaning services to customers all over Pahang, Terengganu & Johor.

We offer disinfection & sanitization that is safe. Our ULV fogger machines and UV Steam machines are used with NC Sanifect a high-level disinfection solution and a high level of hygiene is tested and a certificate is issued.

We offer all kinds of janitorial, cleaning, hygiene and disinfectant cleaning services. As a pioneer in this industry, we have provided more than 40 years of service in the East Coast region of Malaysia. We also offer cleaning services for offices, homes, factories, vehicles, restaurants, and any other space that needs to be cleaned.

Our range of services is from your day–to–day cleaning at your office, or factory, special floor treatments like scrubbing & polishing your vinyl floors, marble crystallization services, carpet shampoo, high-rise cleaning, ALUCOBOND maintenance, restaurant kitchen cleaning, glass cleaning, signage cleaning and many more.

Our portable sanitation and sewage desludging services are also one of the many services we offer as a site service provider.