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Drain Cleaning

We have NIOSH Confined space workers & supervisors to clean your monsoon drains and any other drains at your worksite. We can offer periodic cleaning schedules and we also provide road cleaning services with the use of road sweepers. As part of our site facility services and portable toilet sanitation & sewage cleaning services – drain & road cleaning is also one of the essential services we offer to make your site clean and safe.


A Leading Sanitation Sewage Cleaning Services & Drain Cleaning Provider

As a leading site service provider and Malaysia’s top facility management company we also offer offers professional drain and sewage cleaning services for your septic tanks.

Our drain cleaning team are are NIOSH certified and has the knowledge and experience to maintain the cleanliness of your drains. The confined space workers and supervisors are available for monsoon drain cleaning. We can offer windstrol a periodic maintenance schedule to suit your need.

We also do septic tank sewage desludging services and depend on the size of your septic tanks for residential and commercial areas. We also provide residential, commercial and industrial cleaning services to keep your work and personal space clean.