Emergency Lighting Solutions NC LED Balloon Tower Light

Construction Light Tower Rental in Malaysia

Our LED balloon tower lights are designed and ideal for the construction sites, paving machines, emergency response areas, turnaround facilities and many more areas. These lights are portable and easy to set up. Our LED balloon tower lights provide energy efficiency and it provides 360-degree illumination and it is glare-free.


Emergency Lighting Solutions: NC LED Balloon Tower Light Rental

Did you know the sense of light can receive up to 85% more information? Proper lighting ensures that the visual work is done correctly and also increase productivity and improve safety at your job site. It also saves you money when you rent NC LED Balloon tower light with us NURA a facility management contractor.

At NURA, as a facility management company in Malaysia, we have emergency lighting solutions for your job site. Our LED Balloon Tower Light was designed for the construction industry and is ideal for paving machines, emergency response vehicles or even utility trucks.

The 360-degree-glare–free balloon lighting system can provide higher energy efficiency and quick set-up. It distributes 360-degree illumination that can help you to cover reflective and normal light. It is a glare-free light for drivers. It provides a safer work environment for workers with good visibility.

It can save you money because it has a low fuel consumption of less than 10L. This is in comparison to a conventional Metal Halide Lighting Tower that uses around 16 litres of diesel for 12 hours of operation. Just give us a call to have a construction tower light rental. Call us at 016944 3444 as we are more than happy to help you.