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Rental of Vacuum Truck and Desludging Services

At Nura, we offer vacuum pump and desludging rental services in Malaysia, including tankers and pumps ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 litres. We have a team of dedicated service operators and helpers highly trained in removing excessive build-ups, overflow issues and blockages in sewage systems.

Our core service involve desludging individual septic tanks and Industrial Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs).

Our commitment lies in offering high-capacity desludging solutions and professional support to guarantee uninterrupted flow and functionality, whether for residential, commercial or industrial applications.

Rental of Vacuum Truck

Type : Steel Tanker / Stainless Steel Tanker

Capacity available 4m3|5m3|8m3|10m3

Rental Duration : Daily, Weekly ,Monthly

Included Truck operator and service helper

Not included disposal fee and diesel

Septic or Waste Holding Tank Desludging Service Charge :

  • Service Charge by Capacity or Trip
  • Capacity available : 2m3|4m3|5m3|8m3|10m3
  • Desludging and disposal to Sewage Treatment plant